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So, I bought a shark egg. It should be hatching in a few weeks. He’s been in his nursery tank for over a week now and is really cool. His name is Sgt. Pepper. My tomato plant/girlfriend is huge and actually has fruit on it. And yeah work still sucks. Hope everyone else is having an awesome existence today.


I love how this turned out.
I forgot I had a tumblr! This is my new girlfriend, Geraldine. She’s a tomato plant and I love her.

people are dying for their rights. open your eyes people. 

PLEASE. ATTENTION. IMPORTANT. PLEASE. My followers from all around the world. This is the first time i’m asking for something THIS serious. And i need, we need your support. Turkish people, my people are standing up for their rights, after a long long time. First it started as a protest against a mall that will be built in one of our historical parks. But then it got bigger, it’s not only about the trees anymore. It’s about the people who got beaten, who got thrown tear gas bombs to their heads, who got intentionally hit by police cars, and killed. In here we are not allowed to speak are minds anymore, and media is not helping either. Help us spread the word, let the world know about what’s happening here. I’m asking, wanting you to reblog this. Please. Once you finish reading this, please reblog.








people fucking died there

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Truckers in Turkey blocking the road so police cannot enter the protest. 

Bulldozer Frontloader chasing police tanks in Turkey


"Dear friends, Anil is saying that the police is actively trying to kill them. Hes saying the police are literally taking over every corner of Istanbul, including Nistantasi. Even university campus’ (which police are not allowed to enter) are currently being gased. They are following civilians everywhere. Demonstrators cannot leave houses—houses that random people opened have opened their doors for. He is asking us all to create pressure on foreign governments to say something about this. Others are assisting the police. The police, and the AKP party supporters, are trying to kill demonstrators."

- My friend on the current firsthand reports coming out of Turkey (via thelazydaisyy)

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Hey so if we have a mutual follow goin on, feel free to ask for my 

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you know, anything you want

First born. Oh my god.

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there is a reason why i dont drink wine. i always go to one extreme. i either get naked, or i get reallll angry. last night was an angry drunk which is very very very rare for me. i fought my two friends, a fence, the wall, and the floor. my hands hurt but somehow im not that hung over, yet. sort of mad that i made an ass of myself in front of the girl i like but i apologized and she totally knows that never happens. I know everyone says this after a night of drinking, but im not drinking for a while. at least not until i learn to control myself when im drunk/drinking. although my mini keg of Heineken was epicly awesome and my favorite thing ever. haha. 


every once in a while i check up on people i hate to make sure i still hate them

i do

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